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Sintra and Cascais

Sintra is regarded as one of the top day trips around Lisbon. You’ll find several palaces and estates of royal stature as well as beautiful parks and sites, you’ll be amazed by the number and beauty. The finest examples (not all included in the Tour) are the National Palace of Sintra, Pena Palace, Monserrate Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Moorish Castle, Countess Edla Chalet and Capuchos Convent just to mention the ones that are open to the public. Next you’ll be overwhelmed by the coastline in Cabo da Roca, Europe’s most western point. In Cascais walk around the quaint historical old town and beaches. Then enjoy the scenic drive back to Lisbon along the Tejo river.

This tour is flexible and will be planned according to your interests.

◊ Visit the exotic mountain top Pena Palace and its awesome views

◊ Walk around Sintra’s old town and taste the famous pastries

◊ Visit the beautiful Monserrate Palace and Park (possible option of your choice to visit instead Sintra National Palace or Quinta da Regaleira)

Discover Europe’s most western point at Cabo da Roca

Walk around Cascais historical center and beaches

Finish the day with a beautiful scenic drive back to Lisbon along the riverside

The attractions that will amaze you…

Pena Palace

This palace was built under the german king consort D. Ferdinand from Saxe Coburg and Gotha who married the Portuguese queen D. Maria II in 1836. The project was given to a german architect who built this exotic palace with gothic and mourish influences. The visit is a wonderful experience with amazing views all around the Lisbon region. In the park you’ll find botanical species brought from all over the world.

Sintra old town

Sintra represents mostly the green mountains, the parks, the moorish castle, royal palaces and estates and many other palaces that represent the romantic architecture of the 19th century. But beyond all of that, the historic old town quarter has also many charms. It is a small area made of few narrow streets that you can walk in a short time period. Local pastries are a must.

Quinta da Regaleira (option A)

Quinta da Regaleira has a large area of astonishing forest but it is also a masterpice of symbolism related to history, philosophy or the arts. In architecture we see symbols related to the Knights Templar or the Portuguese Discoveries Age. The famous initiation well and the adjacent tunnel represent the way out from the dark to the light which is the knowledge.

Monserrate Palace (option B)

Monserrate Palace is an exotic building comissioned by the English merchant Sir Francis Cook in the 19th century. This jewel of the romanticism features a magnificent arabian style architecture. The surrounding park of 33 hectares is awesome featuring botanical species from all corners of the world. Highlights are Mexican garden, the Japanese garden and several large trees brought from other continents.

Sintra National Palace (option C)

Sintra National Palace is one of the oldest royal palaces of Portugal and crossed generations of kings and queens since the 14th century as an alternative palace for fresher temperatures in the summer heat and hunting. The section built in the early 16th century by King Manuel I is the most impressive and highlighted by the Coat of Arms room.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is continental Europe’s western most point. It features a beautiful promontory and viewpoint where you can be overwhelmed by the rugged coastline of the Atlantic and the 18th century lighthouse. There are several trails in the area to find different perspectives to the ocean. One of them let’s you take a glimpse of the beautiful Praia da Ursa.


Cascais is one of the Greater Lisbon municipalities and home to the Portuguese Riviera which began being implemented in the 19th century as a beach resort to monarchs and nobles. In the 20th it gained fame with the development of Estoril and its casino. It also became home to many distinguished people who fled here during and after World War II.

Estoril and Coastal Road

After a great exciting day of discoveries, relax in your seat while we go back to Lisbon by the old N6 road – “Marginal” – enjoying the beautiful seaside / riverside views in the late afternoon unique light.

Explore amazing Portugal !!!

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