About Us

EpiTravels Portugal is a family run project with the mission of making travellers feel the true soul of Portugal.

We show you and tell you about our history, natural landscapes, heritage, culture, gastronomy and most importantly… our people.

My name is Frederico Amorim, I’m the founder of EpiTravels Portugal and a proud portuguese who loves to show visitors the hospitality of this old nation. I love exploring Portugal and discover old, new and secret gems and show you in a way you can feel a bit portuguese yourself, even in the most touristic sites.

The more I see the world and am passionate doing so, the more I love Portugal and its uniqueness…

I’m also a world traveller and have been to many corners of the world. Thus I’ve been often a user of such tour activities which I believe adds an extra value while providing these experiences to visitors of my own country which I know so well and love.

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My family has been present in my life and in my travels. Three generations of travellers in countless adventures allow us as a team to better understand everybody’s needs and adjust every program to make all happy. There’s a chance you can meet one of them in a tour!