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There is so much to do and see in Portugal so we don’t want to keep our offer limited by the traditional tours. We want you to actually experience Portugal in multiple ways, from culture to heritage or gastronomy to people-meeting. Thus we can organize any type of experience based in the catalogue bellow but also in other events we become aware of and share with you for special celebrations. So pick one or several activities or just ask us any moment what’s available and we’ll organize a special unforgetable day program, half day or a coupe of days for you. We’ll tell you the price or we can also taylor the experience according to your budget.

Pick one or several activities bellow or just ask what’s available and we’ll organize your perfect experience of Portugal !!!

The experiences that will amaze you…

Every year in September/October there is a fantastic “Sapateira” (crab) Festival in Santa Cruz Beach. It is a “all you can eat” event. Still you can eat this wonderful seafood all year round.

Take your kids for one of two safari parks in Alentejo at a 1h15 drive and watch animals in the wild. Combine the visit with Mora’s Fluvarium and some relaxing time in a river beach or a Megalithic Museum.

Hike along the protected landscape of Caparica cliffs to watch the beautiful bay from Lisbon to Cape Espichel. Combine with a visit to Christ Statue or even some relaxing time at the beach or surf lesson.

Spend a day or a half day in a paradise like beach in Comporta. Have a fantastic seafood lunch in Setúbal and enjoy un unforgetable ferry-boat ride in the afternoon with the company of dolphins.

Have fun in a Karting race track in Bombarral or Palmela. In the latter there is a kids-only track. Combine with a visit to Arrábida beaches or a winery visit.

Visit Berlenga, the largest island near mainland Portugal, a sanctuary of maritime life, beautiful sea and grottos. The boat departures from Peniche and it may cause sea sickness although the outcome is well worth it.

Bring out your deepest emotions listening to Fado of Coimbra, a different fado from Lisbon. Spend a day visiting Coimbra, the capital of Portugal before Lisbon, a two hours drive away.

Also in Coimbra visit “Portugal dos Pequenitos“, a miniature park with replicas of famous monuments and buildings of Portugal and of the old colonies spread around the world. It opened in 1940.

If you’re into Birdwatching, Portugal can also provide some spectacular sites for your delight. Some of them are in the Tejo valley. In Paul do Boquilobo Biosphere Reserve there are 221 bird species.

Visit the Fluvarium in Mora for a live observation of the wildlife in a river. Combine with a special Alentejo lunch treat, some relaxing time at a beautiful river beach or a safari park visit. Mora is also on the N2 route, the famous Portuguese “Route 66” of 739 km.

Rota Vicentina gathers 400 km of trails, but the “historical way” totals 230 km in a single trail in Alentejo down to São Vicente Cape in Algarve. You can hike it or bike, the whole trail or a section. It is one of the famous routes in Europe.

Stay in an old windmill in Arrábida and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Travel to Vila Velha de Rodão and enjoy a wonderful boat ride in the Tejo, watch eagles, enjoy an unforgettable meal, see the rocky monument Portas de Rodão and return by train on a fantastic ride.

Visit the largest caves in Portugal in Mira d’Aire. Combine with some of the nearby attractions like Óbidos, Batalha, Nazaré, Tomar.

Make life simple by enjoying the best Fish that comes straight from the fishermen near Ericeira in a restaurant over a cliff with wonderful seaview. Take the chance to wander around the picturesque town.

Sail from Lisbon to Sesimbra and visit this lovely town and nearby Arrábida landscape and beaches.

Paddle in Guadiana River down to the great Alqueva Lake and feel the nature in this remote region. Also visit Dark Sky Alqueva to watch the stars like nowhere else and listen to “Cante Alentejano“, UNESCO’s cultural world heritage.

Walk across old railway tunnels now converted into a trail in Porto de Mós. Combine with some of the nearby attractions like Óbidos, Batalha, Nazaré or Alcobaça.

Be part of the Portuguese passion for football by attending a match at Benfica Stadium in Lisbon. You can also visit the stadium and the museum.

Board on a dinossaur route for the day. See dinossaur footprints and other fossils in Serra dos Candeeiros. Visit Dino Parque theme park in Lourinhã and select another visit of your choice if there’s time left.

Attend a unique carillion concert in Mafra National Palace. The south tower carillion from the 18th century has 53 bells and was just reforbished. There are free concerts in the street most sundays.

Take your kids to Kidzania theme park in Lisbon surroundings. They will love performing many adult professions and skills like runnig a trial in court, record a TV show, perform at the theater, be a doctor and many other.

Have a kitesurf lesson in Caparica beaches just outside Lisbon.

Explore amazing Portugal !!!

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