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Setúbal, Arrábida & Sesimbra

This Tour explores the so-called Setúbal Peninsula set between the Tejo and Sado rivers most notably known for the Serra da Arrábida, an amazing range of low mountains facing the ocean with brilliant beaches and scenery. After crossing the 12 km long Vasco da Gama Bridge we’ll first have a taste of the region’s capital Setúbal set in a beautiful landscape of the river Sado estuary confluence with Tróia Peninsula and Arrábida. Moving inside the natural park we’ll see some of the most awesome beaches in Portugal, incredible viewpoints, if that’s your selection, we’ll visit a wine producing “quinta” for a taste of the heavenly juice. Enjoy the return to Lisbon through the beautiful 25th April Bridge.

This tour is flexible and will be planned according to your interests.

◊ Cross both bridges of Lisbon in each direction

◊ Have a taste of Setúbal and its amazing landascape in the Sado estuary

◊ Be amazed by natural beauty of the Arrábida beaches

◊ Drive Arrábida’s highest road and enjoy some epic views to the mountains and the ocean

◊ Visit Sesimbra and its medieval Castle

◊ Discover land’s end at Cabo Espichel

◊ Ask for a program change and lay back and relax for a while in one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. It’s not an easy access but it is worth getting to such a paradise (option A)

◊ Ask for a program change and Visit the vineyards and the farm of a traditional wine producer in the region and finish with a taste of the heavenly juice (option B)

The attractions that will amaze you…


Setúbal is one of the largest middle towns in Portugal and a major port. Many of its activities are related to the sea, including fishing. This makes it a great location to try fresh fish and seafood. The Sado estuary is amazing and the ferry-boat crossing to Tróia is a great experience. The São Filipe Castle is a fortress from the 16th century and provides awesome views over the city and river estuary.

Arrábida Beaches

The beaches of Arrábida like Figueirinha, Galapos and Portinho da Arrábida are set in an amazing landscape bellow the mountains covered of a unique dense Mediterranean vegetation. They are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Take some time to enjoy the beach or just have a drink with a view.

Arrábida panoramic road

The natural park features a road high up that allows amazing views. Take your time to enjoy them.

Beach (option A)

Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal like a local. The walking access is not easy but doable even with children. It will be worth it when you get to the beach and see the calm turquoise waters. Take your time and relax, enjoy the sunshine and the landscape.

Wine tasting (option B)

Visit one of the famous wineries of the Setúbal region, get to know the vineyards, the wine producing process and finish the visit with a wine tasting moment that will wrap up the knowledge you’ve gained of the different types of wines.

Take a look at the itinerary of this Tour is the map.

Explore amazing Portugal !!!

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