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Óbidos, Alcobaça, Dinosaurs and the Silver Coast

This Tour heads towards what we Portuguese call “the West”. It is associated with hilly green landscapes, fresh weather, wild Atlantic beaches and rich heritage. Our “Batalha, Nazaré and Óbidos” Tour addresses the ESSENTIAL sites every traveler wants to visit. But this AUTHENTIC Tour offers the possibility of combining many other different sites this region has to offer in a way that suits mostly what you’re interested in, wether you have children/teens or, just want marvel at Óbidos Lagoon, and want to go a bit out of the beaten path. This Tour will combine, as you wish and with expert advise, any of the following possibilities like the valuable Batalha Monastery, Alcobaça Monastery, Aljubarrota Battle Museum, Óbidos and Nazaré. You can include or exclude any of the previous and, if time allows, later we’ll spend some time at the beach in Lagoa de Óbidos where the water is flat. Another great option for kids is to visit Dino Parque a great theme park where you can watch real size dinosaur models.

This tour is flexible and will be planned according to your interests.

Combine any of the following (with our advise) for a wonderful day:

◊ Visit the world heritage gothic monument Batalha Monastery

◊ Visit the Aljubarrota Battle Museum which is pretty fun for kids. It also has a tree top playground for children outside

◊ Be amazed by Nazaré beach seen from the top of a cliff

◊ Visit Salir do Porto and the giant sand dune to have fun

◊ Explore the castle and the quaint streets of Óbidos where you can sip a “ginginha” in a chocolate glass. The kids will have much fun walking on the medieval walls

◊ In the end of the Tour allow yourself and your family some relaxing time by the beach (weather permitting) in Lagoa de Óbidos where the water is flat but where you can walk to the ocean beach for a bit more adventure

◊ Take some time to provide your kids real fun moments at Dino Parque, a theme park dedicated to dinossaurs that left real footprints in the region nearby

The attractions that will amaze you…

Batalha Monastery

Around 1383 Portugal was about to fall into the hands of Castille, but after winning the decisive battle, the new king D. João I, ordered the construction of this monastery on the battleground location to celebrate. It is of the largest gothic buildings in Portugal. It features the tombs of king D. João, wife and sons, including the famous Prince Henry the Navigator. It has also beautiful cloisters.

Aljubarrota Battle Museum

This museum is actually called Interpretative Center for the Aljubarrota Battle. Here you can learn about the details of the battle that was decisive for the future of Portugal as an independent country. The Castille army outnumbered the Portuguese by 30000 to 7000. However with great strategy, the Portuguese with their English allies wan. The multimedia and interaction tools are very interesting for kids.


Nazaré has one of the most important fishinf ports in the country but it is also a famous beach resort town with a huge sand beach and a lovely urban perimeter. It is dominated by the northern cliff that you can climb through the panoramic tram. On top of the cliff, the look out is overwhelming. It also gives access to the famous North Beach where the bravest surfers surf the biggest waves in the world (24 m) and you can watch from the lighthouse.


Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well preserved medieval villages in Portugal. Its castle walls are magnificent and the pedestrian narrow streets of white little houses are delightful. Inside the walls the highlights to visit are Santa Maria Church, Misericórdia Church, São Pedro Church and Pelourinho. Outside the walls the Aqueduct and Senhor Jesus da Pedra Sanctuary are worth a visit. In Óbidos you must try the Ginginha (cherry liquor) served in a small glass of chocolate. 

Lagoa de Óbidos beach

Lagoa de Óbidos is connected with the ocean but provides flat water for your kids to safely have fun. Additionally it also allows your family to walk towards the ocean beach and watch the waves and beautiful landscape near the lovely Foz do Arelho village. Here you can also enjoy some great sea food and regional wines by the sunset.

Dino Parque

Dino Parque is a large theme park in Lourinhã that displays 180 species of dinossaurs in real size. Besides the models it also provides several amusement features for kids.

Take a look at the itinerary of this Tour is the map.

Explore amazing Portugal !!!

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